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A Study in Picasso LbNA #25236

Plant date:Sep 4, 2006
City:Little Rock
Planted by:NancyDrew
Found by: tree huggers (2)
Last found:Jul 3, 2007
Last edited:Sep 4, 2006
TWO OF THE BOXES ARE CURRENTLY MISSING AS OF 7/4/07- Replacements will be carved soon.

On the University of Arkansas at Little Rock campus go to the Fine Arts building. Located the Ybetlje P. Conner Memorial Garden on the Southwest corner of the Fine Arts building. It consists of two benches facing each other. Sit on the bench facing South. To you right is a planter and directly underneath the bush you will find the first microbox, there is a rock propped up against it.

From there proceed east to the large cement sculpture that consists of a bunch of cement beams that have been thrown to the ground. Go to the south end of it and locate the half sphere. Jutting north into the sky from the sphere is a beam, underneath this beam you will find the second microbox.

From there proceed north to the large blue metal sculpture that reminds me of two sets of earphones. Stand in the middle of it and look east across the street. Locate a tree with a knot hole in the middle of it. Walk across the street to it and in a hole at the bottom you will find the third microbox. This microbox was previously found missing but was replaced December 31, 2006.

From there proceed west towards parking lot 8. Across from the red parking lot sign are two large boulders on the right hand of the street. Sit on the boulder closest to the Fine Arts building and face north. You will find the final box with the log book and final stamp located under the smaller boulder near where the two boulders meet.

You have made a cubist path around the UALR Fine Arts building! Hope you enjoyed the stamp!

Happy hunting,