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Kay Falls Treasure LbNA #25170

Owner:Christie Contact
Plant date:Aug 2, 2006
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: R.U. Cowgirls
Last found:Jul 6, 2007
Last edited:Aug 2, 2006
Between 3 Valley Gap and The Last Spike at Craigellache, lies Kay Falls. 2-3 km west of Kay Falls is the Enchanted Forest, be sure to stop in and see the sights there. On the Southside of the highway is a place to pull over and park.

Follow the foot path up approximately 70 paces. There you will find 2 twin trees. 5 paces off the path to the right is a BIG rock ballanced on a smaller rock. Your treasure is located in the gap at the base of these two rocks.