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Aesop's Fables; Book Three LbNA #25060

Plant date:Mar 13, 2006
Planted by:Lnd-Crzr Contact
Found by: Kirbert
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 13, 2006
From Fulton take hwy H west through the small town of Carrington. Stay on H until it hits hwy J. Take J to the left (south) until you find the red barn in the picture, on the east side of the road. Standing at the main barn door, north side, follow a bearing of 70°. You’ll pass a pile of scrap on your left and a corner fence post on your right. Continue as your path narrows and drops downhill into a bottom valley. Just as your path levels out and the field opens, look to your left for a large, healthy shag bark hickory tree. It holds a story for you. Please replace the stones.

Please be discrete in your Letterboxing and prudent in your re-hideation and contact me after you’ve found this LB.