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Rainbow Bridge LbNA #24800

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Aug 12, 2006
Found by: Lost Sailor
Last found:Aug 16, 2023
Last edited:Jul 1, 2024
Alive and well as of 5/11/24, almost eighteen years!

Located off highway 89 in northern Arizona is the small town of Page, which we recently visited for a wedding. The area has many beautiful sites. The tourist center at Glen Canyon Dam will let you know all about the creation of Lake Powell and the surrounding national park. Of all the things to see and do around the lake, I recommend a trip to Rainbow Bridge. At 290 feet tall and 270 feet wide, it's the largest natural bridge in the world and considered sacred by many Native Americans.

To plant a box, I needed to find a location that wasn't in the national park (which may be illegal) or on sacred land (which would be offensive), so I finally decided to put it in a slightly remote area on city property. As you approach Page on highway 89, from the direction where you cross the bridge beside the dam, you'll see a sign welcoming you to Page just before you make the left onto Lake Powell Blvd. (*see notes below*) Go past the sign and turn around to park on the roadside. There are two turnouts, one before and one after the sign.

Stand by the words "Come Again" and take a compass reading at 210 degrees. Walk toward the first rocky area in front of you. You'll reach the rocks at around 100 steps, and you'll reach an edge around 120 steps. I'm not talking about a cliff, just a drop of a few feet. The box is tucked under the edge with two upright rock slabs propped in front of it to block it from view.

Finder update 6/14/09: The new Indigo Ridge Blvd has probably taken the place of the first pullout mentioned in the clues.

Finder update 7/3/10: There is now a turnout right before the sign on the right of the road after crossing the bridge. You will see a red wall with a small building. Crossing the highway on foot is no longer necessary.