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Midnight Sun Gathering Boxes LbNA #24694

Owner:Alaska HSM Contact
Plant date:Aug 19, 2006
Found by: The End
Last found: Aug 31, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 19, 2006
Midnight Sun Gathering Boxes
These boxes were planted for the midnight sun gathering, they will be remaining to find in the future.

Midnight Sun Gathering Boxes
These boxes were planted for the midnight sun gathering, they will be remaining to find in the future.

Take a friend hiking

By Cherokee Rose
This first box is missing, but go find the rest.
Find Rabbit Girl's (she's my daughter so I can go off of her clues, please don't usually do this) Kitty cat ranger. Continue on the main trail past it and find the next trail that goes right. Follow on this trail until you find another main trail. Turn left. At a small trail with a V tree on the right take this trail. Go to a tree with a branch across the trail. Right below the broken branch at its base is the box.

Note: Vegitation grows very quickly here. The small trail may be a little over grown, just keep your eyes out for a broken branch laying over what may look like a trail. AND WATCH OUT FOR DEVIL"S CLUB!!! OUCH!!

June 2, 2006

By Cherokee Rose

Go back to the main trail and turn right. Pass a trail on the left and right. On the next trail to the right take it. At a convergence of trails go left. On the right is a fallen birch. At the top edge under leaves and rock is this box.


By Archimedes Screw

There was an old gold miner who decided to camp out in anchorage. He found a significant date and went to find a good camping spot. The date was that of the first annual national letterbox planting day. He went back to where he had turned off to this side trail and went to the left. He found a most unusual site for when the panners were here. What is that dark, hard stuff, I heard about it down in the lower 48. I think they call it pavement. He then turned to the left on this strange stuff. “AH” he thought, “a trail to the right, let me get off this stuff.” He headed down over bark and then up a small hill. When he got to the top he looked down to the right through the trees and headed down to that trashcan there. He noticed a shack and went on past it on the trail. He was starting to get tired so the next trail on his right that turned him almost all the way back he took From the two trees at the junction of the trail he took 27 steps,turned to his left and looked between 2 trees past a small skinny tree. He settled down between a v tree and a stump. Under leaves he rests.

Northern Lights

By Cape Cod Lightning Bug

Now the miner looked up and saw some beautiful lights. “Where are those coming from?” he thought. He went back to the hill he had climbed but instead went around it and found a bark path and went down it. He continued on until he reached a pine forest. The first trail into this he took a left. 10 steps in, he took a look to his left and saw the fist pine tree on this trail. He stepped 5 steps toward it and looked at his feet. These brilliant lights were coming from under a small hidden log and some long grass.