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Ohio LbNA #24537

Owner:Wee Walkers Contact
Plant date:Aug 13, 2006
Found by: Lyon\'s Den
Last found: Aug 28, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 13, 2006
Off RT 12 in Frisco on North Carolinas Outer Banks you'll find a piece of Ohio "The Heart Of it All". Locate Tides Edge Rd on the Oceanside At the end of this street you'll see a sign for Tides Edge Ocean Access. Park along the road and start your walk. Notice the 18 post strung with white rope as you head up and over the dune. Once on the beach head south. Be on the lookout for the scarlett and gray house (OSU team colors). When you find the house walk back over the dune on the boardwalk path. Near the end of this boardwalk you'll see steps descend to the left and the right (before the gate). Head down the left stairs. Under the middle step on the ocen side you'll find the LB.

Pardon the basic stamp and logbog, this was an unexpected plant made on vacation with what I could scounge up at our rental house! If you have any info sheets or a marker please feel free to "finish" the box for me.

You can walk tot he Frisco letterbox just south on the beach in a similar location.