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Kerr Dam overlook LbNA #24411

Plant date:Aug 5, 2006
Planted by:mjane Contact
Found by: MLeeFry
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 5, 2006
Kerr Dam, in western Montana was built in 1938 on the Flathead River a few miles southwest of Polson. The town of Polson is located on highway 93 at the south end of Flathead Lake. This letterbox is located about 5 miles west of Polson at the scenic overlook on the ridge between the dam and the powerhouse.
In downtown Polson turn off 93 on to Main St., go south to 7th ave., and then west past the skateboard park and soccer fields until the ave. turns left and becomes Kerr Dam Road. Stay on this road as it goes up the hill, but not over, past the landfill, and in the middle of a straight streach a gravel road turns off to the right. Past the gate this road will end at the parking area for the Kerr Dam scenic overlook. Park here and read the information sign. The trail leads to a wooden stairway that goes down to the viewing platform. Count all the steps!
WOW! There sure is a lot of concrete, are there any raptors soaring? On the west is the powerhouse and a place to launch rafts to float down the river. Look north across to the top of the cliff, see the orange arrow that rotates with the wind?
Now on to the box. Go back up to the first bench on the gravel, then back down the stairs, counting the posts holding the handrail. When you get the number of turbines look under the rock at the base of the post on the dam side. This is a 2 part stamp - a “KERR” and a picture.
This may not be a safe place in the frozen winter. The road may not be plowed, and the stairs may be icy.