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Cook Inlet LbNA #24372

Owner:Alaska HSM Contact
Plant date:Aug 3, 2006
Found by: treatx3
Last found: May 26, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 3, 2006
Cook Inlet
This box is a really good hike. The book that I got said it was good for kids, but I would only take your kids if they are REALLY used to hiking. The climb is steep and intense. It is a really beautiful view once you are to the top.

4 mile round trip hike
1200 feet elevation gain

To the trailhead: Find the Glen Alps parking trailhead in the Chugach state park.

From the trailhead folow the signs to the Powerline trail and turn right onto the trail. Go until you see a sign for the Middle fork loop trail and turn left. Follow this trail to the creek and cross the footbridge. Walk on the board walk and then continue up the trail. Follow the plank boards until you come to a T. Go right. Follow this steep trail to the top to a gully, there may be snow there may not be. There was when we were there. Turn left and follow the ridge line. Follow this trail until you reach the peak and the trail is ready to go wayyyy down. Now stand on the peak and turn toward 100 degrees. See a boulder that is darker than the others and kinda looks like an upside down hiking boot pointing towards you. Go back to it and CAREFULLY climb down to it. The box is at the southwest corner of the boulder and covered in shale.