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Douglas Fir Trail LbNA #24273 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jul 31, 2006
County:Alberta, CAN
Planted by:Blue J
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jul 31, 2006
Calgary AB Canada
Edworthy Park – Douglas Fir Trail

Currently MISSING

From south of the Bow River, drive from the west end of Spruce Drive down the hill to the southside parking lot. Go to the paved pathway south of the parking lot, north of the train track.
From north of the Bow River, drive in from the corner of Shaganappi Trail & Bowness Road to the northside parking lot and cross the Boothman Foot Bridge. Follow the paved pathway east then south (ie., left) through picnic grounds across train track.
Take the paved pathway east (towards downtown) about half a mile to a fork. The paved path to the left is the Bow Valley Pathway. The dirt path right is the Douglas Fir Trail.
After reading the plaques on the rock at the start of the Douglas Fir Trail, head up the path.
Cross a wooden bridge, leading to a short wooden walk. Once the dirt path begins again, walk past 3 large trees on your left: 7 paces to the first, 7 paces to the second, 5 paces to the 3rd. 11 more paces and you reach the 4th tree on your left, a much larger Douglas Fir. Walk partway around, counterclockwise. Beside a fallen log, at the base of the tree, are 2 small flat rocks. Look for the box under the biggest rock.
I saw a garter snake and a mouse – not to mention a red squirrel and a rufous hummingbird – as I planted this box, so if you prefer, use a stick to poke around a bit first.

Please replace rocks and leaf litter as found.