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Sunset LbNA #23940

Plant date:Jul 21, 2006
Planted by:Phototales Contact
Found by: Crazy Kids
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 21, 2006
NOTICE..."SUNSET" Had been lost in a storm and now has been replaced and relocated! New clues follow.. Enjoy!! 10/21/06

Conventions are held here, six flags in the breeze -
A lighthouse behind; a ramp to water you see.

Walk the planks - pass a "T" you will find on your left,
Don't take the steps or you'll get all wet!

START counting balls (14) that light in the night,
Continue on down the steps to your right.

Follow the red line and duck your head,
Go between the pine trees and look ahead.

A large flat rock is "LEFT" of the spot,
Where what you seek is under piled rocks.

Now sit directly above and relax awhile,
Enjoy the view, it will make you smile.

When it's time to go -
Hide "Sunset" carefully below!

Then take a shortcut - past "Tall Blue",
And may the good Lord go with you!

Note: Sunset from this location is spectacular!

(This is my first box -