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The Tempter Returns LbNA #23912

Owner:pilgrimsinthisland Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jul 20, 2006
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: (hidden)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 20, 2006

We placed this one last July, then had to retrieve it through the many fallen trees, so, it is in a new home. Hoe this one stays.

Level of difficulty: easy
A green marker or stamp pad will work the best, you can add red marker for effect. This serpent is a mean one, he breathes fire!

From Port Moody, take Ioco Road travelling on to Belcarra, past Belcarra Park/White Pine Beach entrance(do not turn in here). At the bottom of the very big hill, there is a three way stop. Proceed straight through the stop sign going into the park, do not turn right into the village. Follow the road to the end, you will come to the parking lot. You should be able to see covered picnic shelters. You are in the correct starting place.

From the parking lot head to the washrooms. Then heading SE to the Springboard Trail. Follow the walking trail, not the biking trail. You will come to a gravel road, turn right and follow the road until you get to Admiralty Point trail marker. Travel in an easterly direction along the Admiralty Point trail. Climb up the hill, for some it seems such hard work and then just as things feel like they are getting easy keep your eyes out for the Tempter. He is certainly a sly serpent.
Careful, he usually tries to get you when the going is smooth. He is sitting on a stump on the right side of the trail, watching your every move. He is firmly rooted (or so he thinks) Look where his hind legs cascade to the ground. Slowly turn almost directly around, facing across the trail and see a reminder of where he is to spend eternity. You've heard of fire and brimstone?!
Line up the "Serpent" with 'Hades'. Walk from his feet about 7 paces towards Hades. Now turn and face 'down' the trail, whence you came. Cautiously step about 17 paces. Do you hear him? see him? On your left, there is a large cedar tree. Carefully, slowly, quietly walk around behind this cedar. Right at it's feet the Temptor is slithering through the roots under debris.
Please rebag properly and rehide replacing the cover.
The stamp, book and container are to be returned to this spot. Please be discreet.
Please do contact us, we do not want this one to slither away also.

Rehide as you found, replace the stamp and book. Return to the way you came. Or to enjoy more scenic views continue along the trail to Cod Rock, Maple Beach or Admiralty Point.
If you brought a picnic, there are a few wonderful places to enjoy the views overlooking the ocean. If the tide is out, the beachcombing is superb at Maple Beach.