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Heat and Steam LbNA #23847

Owner:J. Peter Contact
Plant date:Jul 12, 2006
Found by: mom22sons
Last found: Jun 6, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 16, 2015

1. Clarkdale, AZ

2. Train Depot

3. Parking lot on right, right into Third opening (1st is exit, second is entrance, third is entrance)

4. Go straight to back

5. Lamp post is a little to the left, park around there.

6. Take 10 or so steps beyond the lamp toward the tracks (little piece of parking lot to your left still)

7. Under rocks, just off corner of lot.

Who ever is the first finder please e-mail me!

The box is named Heat and Steam. Obviously Arizona needs a little more humidity to go with the heat part, but I fouled up on the steam part. I booked a ride on this train, site unseen, and just assumed a steam engine was in the picture. Oops.

I don’t come from these parts so please e-mail me any issues the box may have! Oh yeah-- be careful about little buggers under the rocks.