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Mt. Baker Impromptu Box LbNA #23810

Owner:Penguin_girls Contact
Plant date:Jul 16, 2006
Location: Concrete (7mi) Sedro Woolley (20mi)
Found by: Children of the Forest
Last found: Sep 11, 2020
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 16, 2006
The turnoff to get to this box is on HWY 20 (aka Northern Cross HWY)
If you are travelling west from Concrete the turnoff is aprox: 7 miles west. Turn right on Baker Lake Rd.

If you are travelling east from Sedro Woolley it is aproximately 20 miles east. (Turn left on Baker Lake Rd.)

Continue up Baker Lake Rd. for about 19 miles you will have passed the sign idicating that you have entered the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, a sighn that reads "end of county road" (@ aprox 16 miles),and gone over the Boulder Creek Bridge before you see the turn out for Panorama Point. Turn into Panorama Point. Park in the parking lot. If you plan to spend time at the lake be sure to pay the $3.00 day parking fee at the "pay here" sign post and box.

The "pay here" sighn at the top of the boat ramp will be your approximate starting point. Take about 50 steps (countimg each foot fall) down the boat ramp toward the lake. You will enter the woods on you left, and as you do so you should pass a tree about ten inches wide on your right.Up the small hill in front of you you should see a tree stump in the clearing. Go to this stump at stand on its left side. Take approximately 6 paces along the "trail" to the Y in the trail. Take the right side of the trail as it curves around and to the left (about 13 paces from the Y. You should be near a single tree with a large moss covered lump at its base (just behind this tree there is a small cluster of 3 trees also w/ a lump) the letterbox is tucked in under this first mossy lump.

NOTE: (2 things) the "trail" is more like a mossy path between the trees rather than an actual trail. Also as I was hiding this box I looked down at my arm to see 3 "skeeters" sucking away on my arm because I forgot to spray down w/ the deet!