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429 LbNA #23750

Owner:MarioJack3 Contact
Plant date:Jul 14, 2006
Planted by:iluvbuilding429 Contact
Found by: Frettchen
Last found: Feb 10, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 14, 2006
429 Letterbox

Cooters Pond Park
Prattville, Al

Driving Directions

From I-65N take exit 179. Turn left on exit ramp. Keep going straight until you get to the intersection with a Walgreen's store. Turn left here. Go straight until you see a brown sign that says Cooter's Pond Park. Turn left at sign. Keep going straight until you reach the stop sign. Turn left. You will see a park rules sign. Keep going downhill. Park in the grass parking area.


Walk to the silo, turn right, and follow the trail. You should count six picnic tables. At the sixth, go down the trail, and look for a camoflaged box at the base of the tree.