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No Dogs Allowed LbNA #23502

Owner:PenGwen Contact
Plant date:Jun 18, 2006
City:Post Falls
Found by: Reinbow
Last found: Aug 19, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 18, 2006
5/31/2009 Note; we just received a note that the logbook is completely filled and since we live in Ca. we can not replace it. Anyone help?

We normally adhere to ‘Dogs on leash’ rules and we always pick up after our dog, but the ‘NO DOGS ALLOWED’ in the parks seems a bit strict. That is one of the reasons for this letterbox, the other reason is pretty apparent once you check out the history of the location.

We haven’t run into a “code” letterbox on this trip as yet, so since the hike is nearly a driveby, we thought to make this one a little more tedious and frustrating. The method you will need to use is; line number, word number, and letter number in the word. The code will be listed in three number bursts that correspond to the appropriate letter listed in the appropriate sign. All numbers will start from the left hand side. At the end of each sentence there will be a * and between letters there will be a --.
You will be using the lines in the “Treaty Rock” information sign to decipher the code.

Note: A few finders have questioned the line "after the asphalt ends" and believe it should read "after the gravel ends". Now since we are in Kernville, California and it would take us a few days to travel back to the sign, and rewrite the code to read properly, we have decided to just let you figure it out.

1,1,1--8,5,1--3,1,2 --10,3,5--3,1,2--10,9,1--10,3,5--1,1,3--1,1,1--8,7,3--11,1,2--11,3,1--1,1,4--1,1,5--5,8,1--8,1,1*

11,1,1--9,4,1--9,4,6--3,6,1--3,1,2--8,4,1--1,1,1--1,1,1--10,3,2--1,1,1--8,5,1--3,1,2-- 8,1,4--9,4,6--1,1,1--1,1,1--9,4,6--6,2,1--4,3,2--4,3,1--5,1,1--5,5,1*

8,1,1--6,3,2--10,6,2--8,4,2--1,1,1--10,4,2--6,1,4--5,1,2--10,1,1--6,1,1--3,1,2--5,2,1--11,1,1--9,4,1--9,4,6--1,1,4--3,1,1--3,3,1--4,5,2--1,1,4--10,4,2-- 1,1,1-- 9,4,6--9,2,2--7,2,2--7,4,3-- 9,1,2--4,5,3--5,1,1--3,1,2--4,6,1--4,6,2--3,1,1--3,1,4--3,1,2--3,3,1--3,1,1--10,3,4--10,2,1--7,4,3--6,8,9--1,1,1--6,2,4-- 10,3,3--5,1,2--6,2,1--9,4,3--3,2,1--1,1,1--4,4,3--3,1,2--3,4,3*


5,3,1--6,2,4--6,2,4--5,1,1--4,6,1--4,6,2--5,7,2--4,3,6--3,4,1--4,5,2--5,1,4--5,5,1--4,9,1--1,1,3--7,5,1--4,1,2--11,3,2--10, 7,9--11,1,1--9,4,1--9,4,6--6,5,3--1,1,1--3,4,4--8,4,4--3,3,1-- 3,4,4--8,3,4--7,2,2--6,5,2--5,2,1--5,2,1--6,2,4--6,2,3--5,1,1--11,1,5

When researching our clues please be aware that when previous searchers list “ATTEMPTED” on the clue sheets it may reflect more on their abilities as finders than indicate whether the box is viable or not. We do monitor our clues and boxes pretty well and appreciate the notes written to us by those that find or attempt our letterboxes.

Please contact placer directly or through the LBNA chat list regarding status rather than unofficial databases. Up to date status can only be ascertained from placer as other information services will not have current data. The placer does not appreciate listing information about this letterbox on unauthorized information services.