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"Sharlot's" Box LbNA #23267

Plant date:Dec 10, 2007
Planted by:Ann
Found by: Unicorn Detective
Last found:Jun 5, 2020
Last edited:Jan 4, 2016
This is an easy hike with NO hills involved! Length about 1/4 mile one way. Please keep a keen eye out for interesting things to see along the way.
The box has a stamp pad book & a hand carved stamp enclosed.

To start:
Go to the north side of the courthouse and stand in front of "Bucky" our own Roughrider from the Spanish American War. Proceed to the North West corner of Montezuma & Gurley. Note the low plaque in the grass to your left commemorating :Mike", a loyal dog. It will bring tears.Cross the street. St. Michael's Hotel is on your left. As you walk down the hill, look up at the gargoyles that glare down on you. Walk to the corner of Granite & Gurley, turn left, walk past the Art Store. Just past the store, turn left and enjoy the most recent mural by R. Wall & his art mice. Go back to the corner of Granite and Gurley, cross the street, walk past Bank America to the history sign on the bridge over Granite Creek. Intersting history! Also note the mural down & to your left also done by R. Wall and friends. Walk to the corner of McCormick & Gurley, cross the street and walk 20 paces to the entrance of Shalot Hall Museum. It's free to walk the grounds. If you go during working hours, the buildings are open. It is most interesting.

Follow the path leaving the gazebo to your left, go through the rose garden. Some of them smell like roses when in season. Walk past the "Rance House" built in 1936. At the 3 stairs note the mill stones.. Follow the path putting the fish pond on your right and walk past the windmill. Cross the grass to the theatre. Just past the steps up to the seats you,ll see, on your left, some mill stones. From that point walk 35 paces along the walkway, past the schoolhouse and Fort Misery, a log cabin built in 1864. At the 35th pace you'll see a square picnic table. Behind the bench closest to the exhibit hall's north wall, is the letterbox. It's at the base of the wall behind the ivy, directly opposite the bench. Please cover it back up with the ivy and be sure noone is watching, especially the staff, as the box has been removed once before. Enjoy your adventure.