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Plant date:Sep 20, 2002
Planted by:rtrw
Found by: Team New Hampshire
Last found:May 2, 2006
Last edited:Sep 20, 2002
School Street
Hillsboro, New Hampshire
planted on 9-20-02 by ARK and CERK.
architechturally beautiful, easy and quick
Directions: A new bypass has curled around Hillsboro, and my Yahoo map feature has not caught up. That said, sorry for the somewhat lame directions. Find your way to downtown Hillsboro. At the traffic light where route 149 turns toward Deering, you want to head in the opposite direction, northwest up School Street. The library will soon be on your right.

Welcome to Hillsboro, New Hampshire, birthplace of Franklin Pierce, and home of Governor John Smith. The Fuller Public Library was once the Governor's Mansion. Currently the building houses not only the library, but also the town offices. To see a bit more of the building, we hope you will look around and discover all the adornment
within, or even ask the librarians if you might be able to see upstairs (there is a ballroom and billiard room as well as a fantastic DAR museum).

Library hours are:
Monday and Friday Noon to 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Walk up the granite stairs and across the broad front porch which wraps around the facade. Upon entering the heavy carved doors, notice the mosaics on the floor. Then allow your eyes to scan the wood carving at the top of all the pillars and moldings in the rooms. Each is different though they appear to all work well together. Make an immediate right and walk along the front of the non-fiction stacks.

The umbrella stand at the far end of the fireplace is a true work of art, and one of my favorite pieces of wood carving. Continue on and pay attention to the curved glass windows in the periodical section. When you arrive at the open doorway, look up to the ceiling and find the room with the cherubs and hunting scene painted above. Within that room hangs a Bicentennial Quilt over the mantle. To the left of the quilt is a diagram explaining each of the squares. Identify the Smith Memorial Congregational Church square, and reach under the quilt (handling it as little as possible, please) to find the letter

Some of the librarians are aware of the box and its location. If you find that it has been tampered with, or is missing an element, please either notify me at or let one of the librarian's know and they will contact me. We hope you enjoy our Letterbox

Credit for creating this box and the stamps therein go to Butterbaby ARK of Hillsboro, NH and rtrw of Hartford,CT. Continuing up School Street several miles will bring you to the Town Pound Letterbox.