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Forest Flyers LbNA #22912

Owner:CSB bc Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jun 10, 2006
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: royboys (2)
Last found: Aug 14, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 10, 2006
Location: Clearbrook Park
1.5 km trail with some steep grades

Clearbrook Park is located on Clearbrook Road between Sorento Avenue and Newcastle Court.

From the parking lot, head left on the gravel trail which lies between the parking lot and the ball field. Turn right at the T. Follow this trail passing the ball field on the right. Further along notice the large boulder on the left. Continue on and you'll come upon concrete blocks. Soon you'll find a Downes Creek Park Trail sign on the left. Enter this trail and follow along:

Y-right, right at the teepee trees, bridge, bridge, bridge. T-left. Before the next bridge discreetly take a peek at "Poor Robin" nested in the large fir on the left.

Bridge, bridge, bridge, T-left. Continue on past the little chair on the left. Down the stairs and over the swamp. T-right, then quick left. T-left. Continue on the main trail moving forward up, up, up and into the cedars. As the trail begins to descend see the stump in the center of the trail. Pace 65 to another stump on the right. Check to see if "Wise Old Owl" is in residence in the maple cluster on the left.

Continue on... Y-right, T-right. Keep rising up, up, up - and finally over the top to find the gravel trail. Right will take you back to the parking lot.