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Bridge of Suspension LbNA #22851

Owner:pilgrimsinthisland Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jun 8, 2006
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: (hidden)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 8, 2006
use green, blue and black markers for best effect

give plenty of time if you want to do all the sightseeing, these are sights we love to visit.

This box is placed so that one can enjoy some real Gems in Vancouver.
Taking Highway #1 over the Iron Worker's Memorial Bridge

this link tells a bit of the history. The original bridge collapsed during construction, the new bridge, which spans the Burrard Inlet, was originally called Second Narrows Bridge, but was renamed to commemorate those who lost their lives in it's construction.

continue along the highway until you get to the Capilano Road exit, take this exit and head north, up the mountain.

First stop, if you want to do some sight seeing is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It is a spectacular, must do sight, as long as you are not afraid of heights.
Here is the link to this wonderful tourist spot.

You will see there is a lot to do here. Give yourself at least 45 minutes. It is a paid area, but worth it if you want to really see Vancouver.
Next stop is the Capilano River Hatchery, just a short jaunt up the road and to your left(take the car), follow the GVRD parks sign.
The following website gives you information on the best times of year to go.
If the hatchery is closed there still is a myriad of trails through the park. It is a beautiful park for hiking in. Again give yourself some time.

On to the stamp, but no, another wonderful stop. Drive on to the Cleveland Dam. This is another short jaunt up the road (remembering your are climbing up the mountain).
When I saw Cleveland Dam for the first time I was in awe at how huge the dam is...the drop from the top...
especially if the water is rushing. Makes you feel as though you could get swept down.

This is an awesome winter shot.

Again, you can spend some time here. Last visit the parking here was free as was the hatchery parking. It is a bit difficult to find free parking for the Suspension Bridge.
This is a great spot for a picnic overlooking the reservoir.
There are more hikes here.

Finally on to the last stop and the letterbox. Drive up to the top of the road, which changes it's name to Nancy Greene Way. There is a gravel lot to your right, that is free. Or you can park in the pay lots to your left. Parking is by the hour, or $5.00 for the day. Before you find the letterbox you should take the gondola up to the top. It is beautiful there, and lots to see and do. In the winter the mountain is a ski area. As you can see, the view from the top at night time is incredible too.

Wow! a beautiful city isn't it?
If you decide to take the Gondola up at night you may wish to find the letterbox first.

Clues to the letterbox.

In the first paid parking lot for Grouse Mountain you will notice trailers on the 'south' (downhill) side of the parking lot (these are washrooms). Walk along this side of the parking lot to the very end (west) you will find a huge EXIT sign on posts. From the post on the east, closest to you, stop and turn to go down the hill. Go about 7 paces down then the 'path' turns to the right, 5 paces left to the tree that is rotting at the base.On the uphill side at it's base under tree debris you will find the Bridge of Suspension. Please replace more carefully then you found. Remember to be discreet!
I hope you enjoyed Vancouver! and email me via the contact the placer to let us know the status of this box.