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Land of the Wild Goose LbNA #2207

Plant date:May 1, 2003
Planted by:kayaklil Contact
Found by: Not yet found!
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 1, 2003
If this is your letterbox and you would like to control the clues, please email me (Amanda from Seattle)
I am maintaining these clues until the original placer resurfaces. Thank You!

Placed: July 21, 2001
Placed By: Kayaking Friends (and one of the Buds)
Special Considerations: Only accessible by kayak or canoe. Allow at least 2
hours. Be careful about re-hiding the box so that it is not visible from the
main creek.
Supplies needed: Compass and maybe a topo map

In the county named for “Land of the Wild Goose,”
There is a letterbox not on the loose.
It is waiting for kayakers or canoeists to see
Hidden inside a many-kneed tree.
It requires a trip on rivers of three,
Not hard to find, but difficult to see.

On a road that rhymes with “joiners”
You’ll find the put-in. Here are your pointers:
Not too far from Route 168,
Put in in time before it’s too late.
Follow creek one until it ends,
Turn north on creek two, Tulls, which bends.
Follow this creek until a “T” appears,
Tulls takes a turn just about here.
You paddle straight, not into Tulls Bay.
On creek number three, Roland’s the way.

Now on Roland Creek count the curves,
The first is gentle around homes it swerves.
Take no hard lefts, you’ll go astray.
Follow the main creek; the homes go away.

The creek begins to look so wild,
Three curves more as you paddle a while.
The fourth curve is the biggest you’ll see.
This one’s important to you and me.
Look to your right at the end of the curve.
See the remains of a sailboat with verve.

Who’d sail up into the tiny creeklet?
Did their boat crash and they simply left it?
This white derelict is an important clue.
Go into the creeklet, a letterbox is due you.
On the opposite side of the creeklet from the boat
Is the letterbox placed so that it won’t float.
On that side you’ll see an odd tree.
Look into the place with many a knee.
Is it five trees that grow from one bunch?
You are there, it’s not a hunch.

You’ll have to get out to stand and look
Down in from the top is the box and the book.
Stamp in, hide carefully, enjoy the day.
You made it; paddle back; you know the way.

Hint: If this proves difficult or the old boat is missing look for latitude
36 28.967, longitude 76 6.723 and you’ll be very close.