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Salmon Brook LbNA #21939

Owner:MayEve Contact
Plant date:May 13, 2006
Found by: MEL104
Last found: Feb 27, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 13, 2006

On an old Indian map of Glastonbury you can see where the Salmon River breaks off from the Connecticut River at the bend. It eventually branches into the Salmon Brook which winds its way throughout the town. In the 1600's, the Hoccanum Indians fished the waters of the Salmon Brook, and made their home in a village very near to the Salmon Brook Letterbox.

From Hebron Avenue in Glastonbury, turn onto Mill Street and immediately cross over a small stone bridge. As the road curves, park in the lot on the left and cross the street to the small clearing on the right. Walk up to the stone slabs at the top of the falls. Now turn and backtrack about 20 steps. Take a few very careful steps down to the left over the grey rocks and turn to face the
falls. On your left is a retaining stone wall. You will find the Salmon Brook Letterbox in a small stone cave at the top corner of this wall closest to you behind two stones.

Thanks to my husband for once again indulging my passion for Letterboxing, and helping me plant the Salmon Brook Letterbox.