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Support Our Troops Series LbNA #21931

Owner:Alaska HSM Contact
Plant date:May 5, 2006
Found by: twofreetimers (3)
Last found: Jul 5, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 5, 2006
Support Our Troops Series
When searching for these boxes, please bring a plastic bag and take out some trash. There is a lot of trash laying around. Also please do not move these boxes from where you found these. I checked on these and had a hard time finding them because someone had moved them slightly. Also my sons box is out here, If you find a box (empty until I get the stamp and logbook back) keep going you are not in the right spot.

There are four boxes in this series. Find the park off of muldoon closest to the base, but not across the freeway. Park in the parking lot for the ball field.

Support Our Troops: Air Force

Go to the south corner pole of the baseball field. From here look 110 degrees and walk 55 steps. There is a 4 tree stump. Take the trail to the right of this stump. Go down the trail 92 steps to a fallen/ broken tree on the right (I don't know how long they will keep this tree there, before they cut it down). To the left of this tree see a "trail" between two trees. 11 steps from edge of trail, between two trees an the right, under a "bridge". Make sure to replace the leaves and debris, so that it is hidden.

Support Our Troops: Marines

Continue up main trail. Turn left at the sewer. Pass a painted rock. Go up the hill. Follow along the metal fence. Pass by an uprooted tree on the right. Almost to the split, look through the V and there on the other side of the depression will be your prize. Replace the moss so this is not found by non-boxers.

Support our Troops: Army

From Marines go up not left. Pass by the powerline trail. On the left there is a striped rock. From here look toward 25 degrees and see a cedar? collection. (many trees in one) Go to it, under the tree the box is hidden. Replace debris.
Note: the box is cracked and letting in moisture. I didn't have a box with me if someone would be so kind as to replace the box I would be most appreciative.

Support Our Troops: Navy

Continue on main trail. Pass BIG boulder. Follow the trail around past old posts. Take right on first obvious trail after the turn. At the convergence of many trails look toward the small double stump closest to you, take that trail. Walk 14 steps to a birch on your left. Turn and face the tree, walk 9 steps to a cathedral of trees. Tucked under a bridge in the cathedral. Don't dig, just brush, the debris should move easily. Please rehide carefully.

Note: these are steps NOT paces, just walk normal.

Please let me know if you find these and how you enjoyed them.

PLEASE be bear aware! There are bears in this park.