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Hideaway Hole LbNA #21838

Plant date:Apr 20, 2006
County:San Bernardino
Planted by:LeaderGS126 Contact
Found by: can2 family
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 20, 2006
If you are in the Parker Dam area and enjoy climbing rocks, this box is for you! Some suggestions for your climb - we were not rock climbers, so it was a little tougher than we expected. We recommend gloves and hiking boots - the rocks are crumbly and you can slide easy. Books and stamps will be difficult to hold on to while climbing, so we suggest a small backpack. Also, we were slow climbers, so plan for an hour up and down and start with enough time to complete the climb in daylight (the sun falls fast behind the mountains). This was our first box planted so have fun and be safe! If you have any suggestions please share.

Starting at Parker Dam (on the Colorado River, south of Lake Havasu and North of Parker AZ) head across the Dam to the California side.

Immediately after the crossing dam, look for a blue 'Black Meadows Landing' sign. Set odometer at sign, take MWD Road heading NW 2.0 miles, taking no side roads until you reach Gene Facilities Road. The Power Plant is on the left.

Pass Gene Facilities Road and continue on MDW Road until the odometer is at 4.8 miles (this is the total milage from the Black Meadows Landing sign). Take no side roads. Watch for wildlife - donkeys, rabbits and such. On your right, the Colorado River follows the road.

At 4.8 miles, look right to the mountain range for a stone "arch" at the top on the rocks. (An arch is a hole cut into stone - it looks like a bridge of rock with the blue sky showing through the 'hole'. This is a fairly big arch, about 4 people high, if you could stand 4 men on each shoulders).

Don't stop here - go another .1 mile (a total of 4.9 miles from the start) to a dirt pull out on the right side of the road - it is safe here to stop and park.

Climb to the top of the arch. In case you're not sure if your in the right place - two telephone poles are also on the right. Pole number 2327486E is closest to where you parked - pole 2327485E is behind you. Your choice on how to climb the hill - it is less steep by the pole behind you.
When you are at the base of the arch, we suggest climbing up the left side. Near the top, you will need to slide between a tree and the rocks to get to the top.

At the top, face the street. On the right of the arch at about waist level there is a hole in the stone. The hole is about 1 ft by 2 ft. The box is in this hole.

While at the top - enjoy the view and echo!! You may also want to take the back way down - - it's not so steep.

Have Fun,
Lindsay and Jessie