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Off to See the Wizard LbNA #21699

Owner:Chrissy Contact
Plant date:Apr 21, 2006
County:San Francisco
Found by: dracoleonis
Last found: Aug 27, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 21, 2006
I planted this box while on vacation (I live in CT). :) So I'm calling upon local boxers to help me take care of it!

While my Uncle Don and I were wandering around Golden Gate Park (seeking out the many boxes that are there already!) I showed him the little Lock and Lock in my bag and told him I needed to find somewhere to stash it. So off we went to find a hiding spot.

Find the Conservatory of Flowers and go up the stairs directly in front of it. Turn right, but don't go down the steps. Instead, follow the concrete path as it curves gently left. Pass the cacti and aloe and guava (that's what Uncle Don said the green spiky thing was) until you intersect with another paved path on the left. Go up that path and turn right on the small dirt trail you'll come upon shortly.

Go about 39 steps, give or take. Watch your head as you get to about step 36! You'll see on your left (after you duck!) a cluster of scrub oak (again, Uncle Don is the botanist here, not me). Looking at them from left to right, check at the base of the second tree for a little box. :) That's where my Wizard is! He's actually the first stamp I've ever carved. :)

There's also a little something from Back East for the first finder. :) Happy Hunting!

Chrissy, aka Brandy, You're a Fine Girl