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Purple Heart Park LbNA #21653

Owner:Varkdog, AMK & LiL Frog Contact
Plant date:Apr 23, 2006
Found by: Simple Dreamer
Last found:May 2, 2009
Last edited:Dec 29, 2015
This box is alive and well as of 5 May 2007.

Purple Heart Park in Tucson, Arizona was the first park in the nation dedicated to the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Established by General George Washington on August 7, 1782 and later chartered by the U.S. Congress. Many veterans have received their Purple Hearts from a congressional delegate at Purple Heart Park in Tucson on behalf of the President of the United States.

My great-uncle, Colonel John Archibald Frye, received his first Purple Heart in August of 1944 while serving in Europe during WWII with the Army. He was later wounded again and then retired in September of 1965 with the Oak Leaf Cluster of the Purple Heart. Upon retirement he resided in Sun City, Arizona until his death in 1991.

From I-10, exit 273, take Rita Road north through Rita Ranch to Purple Heart Park. Turn right into the park. From the parking lot, follow the concrete path to the asphalt path on the right field side of the baseball diamond.

Continue along the asphalt path to the green metal garbage can on the left of the path. From the garbage can go 160* S for 21 paces into the desert, turn SW 220* for 21 paces, and finally, 240* for 27 paces. You will see a grove of 4 or 5 small dead mesquite trees and one live Palo Verde tree (to the left). The letter box is buried on the far side of the dead mesquite trees under rocks, sticks, and debris. Please replace the box so it cannot be seen from any angle.

If this letter box is missing or damaged please contact me at