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Jake's Treasure Chest LbNA #21644

Owner:TJ & Company Contact
Plant date:Apr 19, 2006
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 19, 2006
The Jake’s Treasure Chest Letterbox is located at Jake’s resort, in an area of Jamaica known as Treasure Beach, along the South Coast of the island, ten miles east of Black River.

To get there follow the coast road to Pedro Cross, with a gas station just before (or after depending on where you are coming from) the hill to Southfield. Turn seaward and follow the road about three miles down to Calabash Bay. Jake’s is located on the sea side between Calabash Bay and Frenchman’s Cove.

Upon reaching Jake’s, park in the lot just off the road and enter the main gate of the resort. Walk through the lobby out to the pool area and the bar. Stand facing the sign that reads “Dougie’s Bar” with the nautical steering wheel on the ground leaning against the building. (The ocean will be behind you.) Turn to your left and walk past the bar, following the path that leads to the back of the building that houses the bar. Follow this path (about 40 square tiles on the path from the nautical wheel, as counted by TJ, Chris, Cora-Lisa and Lance) until you come upon a small white statue of a mermaid. Located off the path, behind the mermaid and underneath a pile of rocks you will find the letter box. Use the stamp you find there to stamp your journal, and stamp the letter box journal with your personal stamp. Then please carefully return everything to the box, seal it tightly and discreetly return the box to its hiding place.

This letter box was placed by TJ (whose first visit to Treasure Beach was in 1999 when he was 9 months old) and his grandparents, Don and Brad (whose first visit to Treasure Beach was in 1965). They were accompanied by his parents and other family members and friends.

Thanks to Jason, proprietor of Jake’s, for his input on the stamp design and for his permission to place the letter box on the premises.

If time permits, enjoy more of Jake’s resort or further explore the Treasure Beach area. The patio at Jake’s is a lovely spot to watch the sunset and Dougie makes great drinks – smoothies for the kids and various rum drinks for the adults! The restaurant at Jake’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and Jack Sprat’s, located at the far western edge of the resort, specializes in pizza for lunch and dinner. A favorite evening for TJ’s parents and grandparents when we have dinner out with kids!

More information about the Treasure Beach area can be found at