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Oak Flat LbNA #21265

Owner:wandaandpete Contact
Plant date:Mar 16, 2006
Found by: (hidden)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 29, 2020
147. OAK FLAT A drive-by near our usual "first night campground", heading into the mountains east of Superior.

Every time we fly to Arizona (which isn't very often, only about once every five years) we seem to use this campground for a convenient first night stay. It's only about 50 miles east of Phoenix, and 4 miles east of Superior along route 60, but it seems like a completely different world to us out here! After going through the small town of Superior with its tiny museum, you pass through the Queen Creek Tunnel, and head up through some marvelous rock formations to the marked dirt road which goes about 1/2 mile south to the campground itself. Park near the corner where you turn left into the campground, about 50 steps before the big brown campground sign. From the middle of the first group of rocks on the right near that corner (a large squarish boulder), take about a dozen steps south to the first live oak, and check out the small cairn on its back side. (We were still thinking "eastern" when carving the stamp quickly the night before we left, so we got the wrong type of oak leaf, but hopefully no one will mind too much!)

We had the campground almost completely to ourselves this last time in the snow, midweek in March of 2006, but imagine it could get pretty busy on summer weekends, so please plan accordingly. Hope you enjoy your travels through Arizona!