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Fort Morgan LbNA #2110

Owner:Talisheek Crew Contact
Plant date:Feb 22, 2003
City:Gulf Shores
Found by: I dig toasters
Last found:Mar 18, 2019
Last edited:Feb 22, 2003
Planted 2/22/2003
By Jim Dillon

This should be an easy box to locate. You must first locate Fort Morgan in Alabama. There is a ferry landing a short distance from the fort. From the landing, look for a nearby area with cement picnic tables. Find the row of concrete pillars keeping the traffic out of the picnic area. Make your way to the pillar furthest from the ferry landing. Your treasure is located at the base of the nearest pine tree. Please cover it well when you are done.

Note: Digging is NOT required.

2nd Note:
I didn't have any letterboxing info sheets with me when I planted this box. It will likely be an orphan. If anyone would care to drop a few info sheets in it, or adopt it, feel free.