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Paddle to the Sea - Southern Version LbNA #19563

Owner:BarefootLucy Contact
Plant date:Nov 26, 2005
Found by: Shiloh
Last found: Nov 3, 2006
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 26, 2005
Paddle to the Sea is a delightful children's story by Holling C Holling which tells the story of a toy canoe made by an Indian boy in Western Canada which he placed at a mountaintop before the Spring snow melt. As the melt begins, the canoe starts its long journey down the mountain and to the river, then through each of the Great Lakes, and on to the Atlantic Ocean and beyond.

While I didn't foresee a trip to Canada anytime soon, I did see an opportunity to send our own little Paddle on a journey of its own when my husband, Fearless Fox, and son, Lightning, and friends went hiking for a couple days along Eagle Peak Loop in the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas.


The adventure begins!!!

Our Indian friend entered the Albert Pike Recreational Area. There he followed the well marked wagon path named "Wan O' Six". Up the wagon trail he walked until he came to where the wagons park and Eagle Peak Loop crosses. He slipped quietly into the wagon corral and padded softly to the far right corner, nearest a stream. Drawn to the stream, he climbed over the corral fence and went to the point where the path began, nearest this corner of the corral.

In preparation for his journey, he made a series of steps and maneuvers to ready himself. Standing at the point of the fence and the trailhead, our friend walked 3 paces at a bearing of Southeast, then turned 90 degrees left and faced Northeast. If you follow the same steps he took, you will see what he saw - four "forest spirits" standing strongly before him as though to encourage him on his journey - one small spirit with a large spirit beside him, and on the other side of the large spirit was another small spirit, who was flanked by yet another large spirit.

Walk three paces to the furthest "spirit" and find our friend hidden under a rock, ready for his river adventures which will take him to the sea. Although you are not the one to set him on his journey, he welcomes your company and invites you to leave your mark in his Book of Adventure!


Please email me with your report of my friend at