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London Bridge Park -- MISSING LbNA #19143 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Nov 1, 2005
City:Lake Havasu City
Planted by:Double Tree
Found by: Azroadie
Last found:Feb 17, 2006
Last edited:Nov 1, 2005
4/22/06 Reported possibly missing. Please update me if you find it, or find it missing, after this date.

9/24/06 Again reported missing. Will not replace. I will delete this box after a while.

London Bridge Park - Lake Havasu

This box is a joint venture between me and my friend Just Joan. Joan and her husband planted the box and wrote the clues. I made the stamp and the box.

Start by standing under the year 1862 and head SW through the wrought iron gate, past the Lion den (fountain), and under the bridge of Ole.

Make way past the habadashery shop and the candle factory, along the canal by post and chain. You will come to the rock wall end, you’ll come back this way again.

Now along the path you go, past Charlie Brown, Fozzy, Ida, Dan, Dick, Gene, and Cecil.

On your right 15, 13, 9, keep walking you’re doing fine.
Keep going past Carole, Don, Richard, Papa, Robert, Michael, Kennith, Karen, Douglas, George, Catherine and Christy.

On your right 7, 5, 3, and 1, by golly I think you’re done.
To the Lighthouse, 1/8th tall, made from bricks to with stand it all.

Under the rocks behind Nancy Lee, under the Naked tree you will find me.

Be aware, if you can’t drink you’ve gone too far.