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Three Worlds Letterbox LbNA #19124

Owner:ArchimedesScrew Contact
Plant date:Nov 6, 2005
City:West Yarmouth
Found by: molliwog
Last found: Jun 29, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 6, 2005
The Three Worlds Letterbox is located near a pond in West Yarmouth. I saw my first meteor shower here and watched the reflections of the Perseid meteors off of the water. It truly is a melding of water, earth and sky.

To get to the pond:

From Route 6, take Exit 8. Head towards Station Avenue (South Yarmouth). At the second set of lights, take a right. There is a Sunoco at the corner. This is Old Townhouse Road. Go to the end of Old Townhouse to the four way stop. There is a golf course in front of you. Take a left onto West Yarmouth Road.

From West Yarmouth Road, take Nicole Ave on the left. There is a small pond off of this road. Pull over across from #18. Walk down to the pond and turn to the right. You will see a drainage ditch. Walk over to it and look towards the road. The Three Worlds Letterbox is under the roots of the large tree closest to the cement wall and to the right of the ditch, under a rock and some leaves.