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Nantucket Bay (Scallop) LbNA #18954

Owner:ackletterboxer Contact
Plant date:Oct 27, 2005
Found by: Suron
Last found: Sep 19, 2006
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 27, 2005

This is for my Cousin Diane!! The sweet and tasty morsels of the Nantucket Bay Scallops are her very favorite food. I wish this season were better so we could share them with her again this year.

Go to the Mile Stone Rotary to let the journey begin. Go straight, take the first left, follow this road until you are force to go left or right; you should see a dead end sign on the left. Go left; you will end up in a small dirt parking lot. Park here. Walk down to the water; you will follow a very narrow road, which will lead to the beach. If you are here at low tide you may see some one out scalloping (Family season is Oct.1 - April, Commercial season is Nov. 1 -April 1). Count the wooden steps that bring you down to the beach. Go back to the parking lot and look to the right side of the parking area, you should see several evergreens in a row, with a old split rail fence behind. Count from right to left the amount of steps that you counted at the beach; you should find what you seek at the base of that evergreen.

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