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Buck's Pocket Letterbox LbNA #18739

Plant date:Oct 16, 2005
City:Grove Oak
Found by: Hoptown Explorers
Last found:Apr 11, 2015
Last edited:Oct 16, 2005
This letterbox/geocache hybrid is located just off a hiking trail in Buck's Pocket State Park.

The container is a small (6"x6"x2.5") Lock 'n' Lock with a few small trade items. Please do NOT take the hand carved stamp, or the ink pad! These are not trade items, but are for letterboxers to stamp their book. (and I don't want to have to carve another one!)

Begin at the Sauty Creek Hiking Trail trailhead. This trail doesn't appear to be used very much, but is an easy walk in the woods. There are faded orange blazes on trees and the creek is on your right. The trail crosses a small wet weather stream (12-24") and bears to the right.

You are looking for a large (24") beech tree on the left side of the trail which has BZ OZ JZ 89 carved into the trunk. When you see this tree, there will be a large maple and another large beech tree on the right of the trail. From this point, continue on the trail for 50 paces until you come to a large stream crossing (36-48"). Here, you will see a big (16") tree leaning due west. Leave the trail here, and go west for 22 paces to a large flat rock about 20x6 feet and 2 feet thick. Stand on top of this rock and go due north for 17 paces to a smaller (8") tree which is sandwiched between two rocks.

The container is hidden behind this tree between the two rocks covered with leaves.

Please re-hide it in the exact location described and covered with leaves.

Please email me with any problems. Good luck and enjoy!