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Redcrest Fairyland LbNA #1801

Owner:Doublesaj & Old Blue Contact
Plant date:Nov 13, 2002
Found by: The K Family
Last found: Feb 2, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 13, 2002
The Redcrest Fairyland Letterbox
(Redcrest, California)

Replaced for the second time on 9-04
ALIVE AND WELL May 18, 2005

Placed November 13, 2002 by Doublesaj and Old Blue
Rated: Easy--a very short, level walk from your car on damp forest ground. Might have to step over ferns and a fallen log or two.

Before a recent trip to the Northern Coast of California, Old Blue and I logged on to the trusty Letterbox listings in anticipation of finding several new ones to add to our growing stamp books. Alas, nary a single clue did we find for this part of the state even though it is one of the most scenic and little-traveled areas in beautiful Northern California!

Daunted not, we set fourth to place the first letterbox along the "Avenue of the Giants" in the old growth redwoods of Northern California 37 miles south of Eureka, California.

Driving and walking through towering redwoods is an unearthly experience. All noise is buffered by a solemn drip, drip, drip of ferns, moss and overhanging spans of some of the oldest trees on the planet. The soft crunch of needles and fungus underfoot and the dampness of the air makes one aware of the abundant life at the base of these amazing giants. Certainly, this is the land where fairies and elves dwell. If you listen long enough, make no sudden moves and are pure of heart, you will certainly begin to see these beautiful, fellow-earthlings.

Directions: Coming from the South on Highway 101, exit at the Holmes / Redcrest turnoff. Two stop signs: right then left. Enter the enchanted land of the giant redwoods. The box is 0.2 miles from "Immortal Tree" which has withstood the loggers ax and floods as well as lightning strikes for hundreds of years. Park off the road on the right, across from the sign for the Abraham Haas Grove. Note: if you have arrived at the Walter Haas grove, you need to go in the opposite direction to the Abraham Haas Grove.

Begin at the blackened hollow of an ancient redwood tree. From the hollow, proceed due north 23 paces to his cousin, a good 3 meters in diameter. Turn due west and go 50 bear-sized paces. As you do so, look right between 2 trees and you'll spy a fallen log spanning the creek. The Redcrest Fairyland Letterbox is located at the South end of this log, under several small pieces of wood.

And please, refrain from taking small, winged "souvenirs" from the area.