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Bat Power LbNA #18000

Owner:pilgrimsinthisland Contact Supporter
Plant date:Sep 10, 2005
County:British Columbia, CAN
Location: Belcarra
Found by: (hidden)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 10, 2005
Planted by Chocolate Bunny's brother whom goes by the name Bat Power Boy right now!

pet friendly
kid friendly
no strollers
needs a black marker or stamp pad

Fly in your bat mobile to "The "Swamp' ...Woodhaven that is.
From the parking lot soar on down to the trail and turn left.
Enjoy the trail.
yum! yum! lots of mosquitoes to eat, if you were to fly over the water, but stay on the trail.

Keep flying following the trail.
You will come to a boardwalk.
Lots of wonderful stumps along the way for roosting.
But no, keep going, you are now on the south side of the swamp.
Fly along most of the length of the swamp on this side. Oh, oh, I see a bridge.
a litle bug told me we are getting closer.
slow down as you approach the bridge.
Notice to the left of the trail a tall nurse stump. One side is 'hollowed' out a bit. Look in here, careful now..
the bat might fly away.
Aha! you got it.
Please be sure to place it carefully back where you found it.
and please do contact us after you arrive back home again to let us know you found Bat Power