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Float Your Boat Canada - Mother/Daughter Series LbNA #17835

Owner:pilgrimsinthisland Contact Supporter
Plant date:Sep 2, 2005
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: (hidden)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 2, 2005
We planted these boxes here, instead of Liberty Lake as we unfortunately could not attend the Float Your Boat Event. To fit with the event name, we hiked in and rode our boat back home!! What a cool way to plant a box!

The hike begins at Belcarra Park picnic area.
Look for the signs for Jug Island beach trail just past the picnic shelters. This is an easy to moderate hike that will take about 2 hours round trip. If you contact us, perhaps we could help you to float our boat and make it an interesting round trip.

This is a cool link with a brief trail description.
Today we went on a kayaking tour and found out that the name Jug island was given because the island had a rock 'handle' prior to 1970s that made it look just like a jug. Unfortunately the handle broke.

Box #1
I Pulled It

You will need two markers, a light blue and a darker blue.

This box is in honour of Chocolate Bunny pulling her own tooth out with great determination to have the dentist have to pull out 2 teeth, instead of 3. She succeeded!!
Along the trail
you will go
around a bend and up the hill
keep on
keep on
until near the top
you will see
a great big log
a fallen giant
all covered in moss
with two or three trees
growing out
find the north end
and you are close
go behind
OUCH! you pulled the tooth

please replace the tooth carefully.

Now on to

Box #2
A Pilgrim's Birthday letterbox
this stamp was thankfully recarved by lionsmane when it was discovered the box had been damaged and stamp missing. Thank you so very much Lionsmane63!

You will need 4 markers: yellow, pink, light blue and purple.

Continue along the trail. You will pass a swamp to your left. Shortly after this the trail enters a forested area and ascends a hill. At the top of the hill there is a magnificent vista of Bedwell Bay (hmm, somewhere down there is a fairy box!)you can also see Eagle Mountain from here.
On a hot summer day, the sap in the trees smells glorious!!!
After you have enjoyed the views continue to your destination. Keep your eyes out for chattering squirrels and sapsuckers. We were treated to a show by these along our hike. The trail drops down to the beach. Depending on the tide you may or may not have plenty of beach. Nonetheless, it is a lovely spot for a picnic and kayakers often stop to lunch here. If the tide is fairly low, the adventuresome may even wish to swim over to Jug Island. There is a photo in the link provided above.
To the box:
Turn around
look to the sign
up beyond and to the loo
skip past the loo
but not too far
just in behind
and you shall see
one tree covered
with a gnarly vine
beside a burned out very large stump
see the rocks
long ago piled up
and notice pieces of timber too
they look strange
should they be about?
check beneath the rocks
aha! a birthday cake
waiting to come out

enjoy the cake

please be sure to hide it well.

and let us know you have found this box
Our first attempt at lilting clues
let us know
how did we do?