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Godzilla's Nemesis LbNA #17828

Owner:Anna and the kids Contact
Plant date:Sep 1, 2005
City:Palo Alto
County:Santa Clara
Found by: ScooterPoP
Last found: Nov 8, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 1, 2005
On the grounds of a prominent University is a fabulous outdoor sculpture garden which includes works by a French artist who had a profound influence on 20th-century sculpture. His works are distinguished by their stunning strength and realism. This sculptor refused to ignore the negative aspects of humanity, and his works confront distress and moral weakness as well as passion and beauty.

This sculptor's name is incidentally a homophone for Godzilla's one-time nemesis, now ally...

This creature was discovered by miners in the movie of his own name. The miners faced many casualties because of the radioactively altered giant bugs which eat human flesh. The prehistoric pterodactyl initially fought against Godzilla, but has since become an ally when Godzilla needs firepower against his many opponents.

Our gigantic reptilian hero helped Mothra turn back King Ghidorah's first invasion of Earth, and the outsized pterodactyl later accompanied Godzilla to Planet X for a rematch with this three-headed monster. Ultimately, this courageous fighter wound up in residence on Monsterland, his flight restricted by magnetic force fields, but seemingly happy on this island home in the company of his fellow monsters.

But I digress....

To find the box, locate and face the Three Shades. Turn around 180 degrees (you are now facing eastward) and cross the street. To your left is a lamppost--go there and face east still (your back is to the street and sculpture garden). Take 24 steps to a large, single-trunked oak with a knee-high opening on the east side of the tree. This opening contains your prize.