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An International Mystery LbNA #17715

Owner:Gryphon Contact
Plant date:Sep 25, 2004
County:Fairbanks North Star
Found by: CW Sun Seeker
Last found: Jul 20, 2007
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 25, 2004
Summer 2006 Update - First finder is AK Red Fox, who says these screwy directions were perfect! (go figure)


The reason this box is a mystery is that I can't remember exactly where I put it a year ago as I was driving from Pennsylvania home to Alaska. I kept notes on my other letterbox plants, but not this one. So if it's still there a year later, and you trip on it, well, maybe you can tell me where it is for better clues!

This box is along the Alaska Highway at the international boundary between the US and Canada. (Not at either of the border crossings, but at the physical boundary.) There's a pullout with a boundary marker and other semi-interesting bits of information. Beautiful signs welcoming you to the Yukon, or if heading the other way, welcoming you to Alaska. There is also not a restroom at this visitor's stop, and you just *reeeeeally* need to watch your step if you venture beyond the asphalt, especially if you go at a time when 'things' are not frozen....

Looking to the south from the boundary marker, the scrub forest is cleared in a wide path beyond, defining the boundary on a large scale. Since you are on a level with the roadbed, this area will be below you. Carefully (see previous paragraph) make your way down the hill and head generally up the middle of this grassy cleared area. Before long you will come to some old wooden something that sticks up (was it a piece of fencepost? a tie rail? something else?) and I stuffed the box at the base of this unknown bit of wood standing in the middle of the path. You can actually see this thing - whatever it was - from your original viewpoint.

All told I'm thinking this wasn't more than 20-30 yards to get to. But then I also thought it was going to be really easy to remember.