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Lake Aloha Letterbox LbNA #17599

Owner:Doublesaj & Old Blue Contact
Plant date:Aug 21, 2005
County:El Dorado
Found by: Azroadie
Last found: Jul 3, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 21, 2005
This hike is strenuous-4 miles one-way--with an 800 foot vertical climb. The scenery is incomparable but Lake Aloha goes dry fairly often in September so June through August are the best months to try this one. Winter is definately out.

Tarn: a small mountain lake.

Make your way to the Echo Lake marina and take the water taxi to Upper Echo Lake. It's a fun and scenic ride, $8.50 per person, dogs $3.00-each way. Take the Pacific Crest Trail north towards Lake Aloha. Approximately one mile before you reach the letterbox, you will first catch a glimpse of Lake Aloha. Continue up the path until the trail passes between two low-lying boulders forming a wide "V" with the trail at the bottom. As you come out of this "V" you will see the tarn on your left ahead of you. This tarn is located just northeast of the middle of Lake Aloha. It shows on many (but not all) USGS maps of the area.

From where you first see the tarn, take 70 bear-sized steps to a large pine with "aligator skin" on your right. In front of you about 15 steps, spy a boulder about the size of a one-car garage. From the northeast corner of this boulder, go 8 feet North and look under some suspicious-looking rocks.