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Mt. Ashland Meadows LbNA #17416

Owner:wood thrush Contact Supporter
Plant date:Aug 3, 2005
Found by: Riverbrady
Last found: Aug 25, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 3, 2005
NOTE 7.13---Great news. A cacher has found both the Ashland Crest cache they were seeking, and our Mt. Ashland Meadows letterbox. This letterbox is alive and well!

Driving directions. Take I-5 to Mt. Ashland exit 6. Follow the "Mt. Ashland Ski Area" road signs and drive parallel to the interstate on the frontage road for about 0.7 mile. You will be headed south. Then make a right turn on Mt. Ashland Road 20. Drive 7.2 miles up the mountain. Along the way, if it is a clear day you will be rewarded with outstanding views of Mt. Shasta to the south. Shortly after mile 5 you will pass the former Mt. Ashland Inn bed and breakfast on the right, which sadly is now closed.

After you pass the mile 7 marker, look for the first turnout on the right side of the road. Note that there are many turnouts on the road, so be sure you have passed mile 7 before you pull off. This turnout bisects the Pacific Crest Trail. You will be able to see markers for the trail on both the left and right sides of the road. Park at the turnout. Note that there may be a requirement for a Northwest Forest Pass at the turnout. However, during our visit, this did not appear to be the case, as no such sign was visible.

To the letterbox. Cross the road and get on the Pacific Crest Trail. Do not take the portion of the trail that is on the same side of the road as the turnout, which leads down the mountain. Shortly after getting on the trail, you'll see a wooden sign that says "Grouse Gap 3, Wrangle Gap 12." Slightly further along the trail you'll see some old tree remnants with some major woodpecker damage.

Follow the Pacific Crest Trail about 0.5 mile until it opens up to the first of the five Mt. Ashland meadow clearings on the left. This is where you will find the letterbox. Stop when you get to the clearing and take your bearings. To your left you will see the meadow and be able to hear the sound of a small babbling stream. In the summer months this stream will not be visible through the tall grass and wildflowers, but you'll hear it. The forest is still to your right. The last tree on your left before the clearing will have both a Pacific Crest Trail emblem and a white diamond trail marker.

Take out your compass. At 100 degrees, parallel to this last left-hand tree and directly up the hill in the forest lies the Mt. Ashland Meadows letterbox. From the trail you will see three trees that parallel the left-hand tree. Take about 23 hill climbing (e.g. fairly short) steps up the hill to the third tree. This tree is fairly large and has two circular disfigurations near its base. Mt. Ashland Meadows lies behind this tree, out of sight of the trail and beneath some twigs.

The stamp includes an ink pad, but you may want to consider bringing yellow and purple markers along with you as well. You'll see why when you see the stamp. It also contains some postcards in addition to the log, so that finders can easily report their find to us! Because it is in an area that gets much rain and snow, the letterbox is inside a dry bag, the kind used by boaters and canoers. Please refold the dry bag carefully after stamping in to maintain the waterproof seal.

To return, just retrace your steps back along the Pacific Crest Trail to your car at the turnout.

We placed this box while on vacation in early August. There were many beautiful wildflowers in the meadow at this time. We're from the East Coast, and so will not be able to check on the box. We would appreciate it if a local boxer would like to check the box periodically. Just email us.

These same clues, along with some helpful reference photos, are available here.

We hope you enjoy the Mt. Ashland Meadows letterbox!