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Easter Sunrise Service LbNA #16998

Owner:The Eager Beavers Contact
Plant date:Aug 2, 2005
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: ubergeek64
Last found:Aug 19, 2018
Last edited:Aug 2, 2005
Make for the very top of Mt. Tolmie and enjoy 360° views over the Saanich Peninsula. It was at this spot that past Victorians have celebrated Easter at an open-air sunrise service. Whatever your spiritual orientation or otherwise, the views are inspiring!

From the highest point, savour the views, take a seat and remember “Mickey”.

The ship that sails East will step you the right way.

Our path leads to, and continues through, endangered Garry Oaks until “a cheerful smile” and “heart of gold” offers more reflection.

Relax, sit and ponder the tallest pine ahead and keep its place in mind.

Follow on downhill veering away from the blacktop until the “T”.

Turn left to the “Y”.

Take 16 paces on the right path. Stop!

Now, bushwhack through the short, tangled path on the right to the clearing and look for the high dome rock ahead.

Climb to the highest point on the dome and turn your back on habitation and look for that tallest pine (again!).

What you seek is at the base of the west side of the large (1.5m x 2m) upright rock slab.