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Bungalow Heaven Letter Box MISSING LbNA #16985 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jul 31, 2005
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Panda's Grandma
Last found:Aug 10, 2006
Last edited:Jul 31, 2005
We went to check on our box and they painted where it was, and it is gone.
We are sad, but will replace it shortly.
Sorry :(

Bungalow Heaven is a rare and mostly intact collection of over 800 homes built from the 1900s through the 1930s. The evolution of the American Arts & Crafts movement and social and cultural changes of the early 20th century are found throughout Bungalow Heaven. Enjoy driving around the streets of Bungalow Heaven after you find the letter box. There are many beautiful bungalow and arts & crafts style homes to view. To get to Bungalow Heaven, get to the 210 and exit Lake Ave. Head north on Lake until you arrive at Orange Grove. Turn East onto Orange Grove. The next light will be Wilson. Turn North onto Wilson Ave. You will shortly reach a park called McDonald Park. Find a place to park your car and follow the clues below to find the Bungalow Heaven Letter Box. *NOTE: If you do not have a compass, always remember that the mountains are to the NORTH! Also, this is a public park, so please be discrete! Children are curious beings!!! - Find the North East corner of the park. If you don't have a compass, look for the corner with the four boulders in a row. - Follow the middle path through the basket ball and volley ball courts. - When asking yourself 'now which way should I go' in the best Dorothy Gale personation you can do. Turn right. - Turn left to read the educational literature on the bathroom walls. Walk around the bathroom to check out the fun artwork created by the 1994 Armory Center for the Arts' Summer Walk to Art Program. - Sometimes you can catch us here, playing on the swings. Its fun, you should try it! - From the swings look North. - Go to the South West corner of the building to wash your hands after playing on the playground. - Before you wash, reach under the sink to find the Bungalow Heaven Letter Box. - Sit on the picnic tables to your left to stamp the book. Please Note: The stamp is upside down. - Don't forget to wash your hands when you are finished replacing the box out of view from any curious children!