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Guide Dogs of America LbNA #16830

Plant date:Jul 31, 2005
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:scoutingbear
Found by: 3Ds
Last found:Jan 29, 2012
Last edited:Oct 18, 2015
Near Los Angeles there is a remarkable place where people without sight discover freedom and independence. This place is Guide Dogs of America. The guide dog school is a non-profit organization that provides guide dogs free of charge to blind individuals. There is no upper age limit to receive a dog, the minimum age is 16. Part of the training process (which takes about 2 years from when the puppy starts it's training at 8 weeks) is for the blind individual to live and train with their future companion at the school for 28 days. At the culmination of this time, a graduation ceremony is held where the puppy raisers come to say good-bye to the pups they have raised and wish them luck in their career.

My first guide dog puppy in training, Marshall, graduated in May. Ferris, our second puppy was turned in on May 13, 2006 for the rest of his training. Our third puppy, Akkaia went in for training in November 2007. Although our family does not currently have a puppy, please read on to find out who the current "box handler" is. In celebration of these wonderful dogs and the lives they change, I have created, with the help of a fellow puppy raiser, the Guide Dogs of America letterbox.

This box will be unique in the aspect that you must visit the school during an event which is open to the public, such as a graduation or the annual open house to retrieve it. It is HIGHLY suggested that if searching for the box at a graduation that you arrive early to begin your search. The puppy holding the box for the event will be there at least an hour early. Currently, Patton, an almost 9 month old male Golden/Labrador retriever cross is the box handler for this box. He will be at the graduation, wearing his yellow Puppy in Training jacket! For information on the graduations and open house, follow the link to Please always double check the clues before setting out to find the box as "life" happens and sometimes Volt may leave the box with one of his friends!