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Relax On the Creek Named After The Black Cat LbNA #16753

Plant date:Jul 17, 2005
Found by: Joe Shmo
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 17, 2005
Your search starts at the parking area on the westbound side of the North Cascades Highway nearest to milepost 138. Cross Highway 20 and walk about one-tenth of a mile east on Highway 20 and take the creek trail named after the "black cat" and which can lead you to a mountain pass that brings to mind an important date in American history in the year 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was inked. Walk on the trail for 3.1 miles to an island camp with a name similar to the trail on which you are walking and also like the creek which runs by the camp. Position yourself at the four ancient cedars standing guard in the middle of the camp. Facing the trail that ascends to the pass, view the large boulder about ten paces slightly to your right with the two large cedars growing atop it. Notice slightly to the right of the large boulder two more cedars whose trunks curve to the right, but not standing side by side. Walk to the closer and longer standing of the two cedars with the curved trunks. The find is located behind moveable rocks at the base of the longer standing cedar with the trunk that curves to the right. Happy trails!