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KVR Penticton Tunnel LbNA #16455

Owner:Playmakers Contact
Plant date:Jun 11, 2005
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 11, 2005

The Kettle Valley Railway was constructed between 1910 and 1915 and is part of the Trans Canada Trail system. The KVR Trail has a gentle 2.2% grade and, with all of the tracks long gone, makes an excellent hiking trail and a particularly fine biking trail. The KVR ran from Midway, SE of Penticton, up to Kelowna, down to Penticton and west through Princeton to Hope. It was purchased in 1930 by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

Just south of Kelowna, the KVR Trail bears west along McCullough Road before heading west through the Myra Canyon and then back down the east side of Okanagan Lake to Penticton before heading further south to Osoyoos. Please note that most of the spectacular trestles through the Myra Canyon were destroyed by the devastating forest fires of 2003. The trestles are being rebuilt, but this is a huge project.

From Penticton, the KVR goes north along the Naramata Ridge towards Kelowna and offers unparalleled views over Okanagan Lake.

The Penticton Visitor’s Guide, readily available at many locations in Penticton shows the many access points to the KVR Trail by road. We chose to bicycle from downtown Penticton east to the KVR Trail and then followed the trail north to the first KVR tunnel. The views from the tunnel area are wonderful and definitely worth the trip. The total trip from downtown Penticton to the tunnel was 18 6 km.

Once you enter the KVR (Trans Canada) Trail on the east side of Penticton, head north on the trail. After a short distance, you will cross the small, relatively new McCullough Trestle.

Continuing north, the Penticton Tunnel (Little Tunnel) is another 13.2 km. from the trestle.

If you choose to hike to the tunnel, you could park in the Smethurst parking lot which would leave a gentle hike of 4.5 km. to the tunnel. The Smethurst parking lot offers access to Naramata Village and the nearby wineries and runs east from Naramata Road just past Robinson Ave.


Once you arrive at the tunnel, take time to enjoy the wonderful views before heading back down the trail to Penticton.

The KVR Penticton Tunnel Letterbox is located about 100 metres back along the trail from the tunnel towards Penticton on the downhill side of the trail.

As you head back down the trail, you will come to a pile of rocks.

Go to the second pine tree at the side of the trail.

Looking west, toward the lake, about 2 metres from the trail, there is a rock that juts up to the right.

There is another rock in front of this jutting rock.

The KVR Penticton Letterbox is located at the left end of this rock behind several small rocks.

Once you have found the KVR Penticton Tunnel Letterbox and signed in, thank you for replacing the Letterbox to ensure the integrity of its hiding place.

Please ensure that there are sufficient rocks hiding the Letterbox so that it is well protected from the view of passersby. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy the bike ride or hike, the scenery and the fabulous views in your quest for the KVR Penticton Tunnel Letterbox.

Please contact us by email at to let us know you found this box and the condition it is in, plus any other comments you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Letterboxing!