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Cape Sebastian LbNA #16070

Owner:langliefamily Contact
Plant date:Jun 25, 2005
Found by: RougeRaven
Last found: Jun 12, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 18, 2016
About four miles south of Gold Beach, you will find the Cape Sebastian Viewpoint between mile post 334 and mile post 335. The turn-off is on the West Side of Highway 101.

Follow the access road half a mile to the SOUTH parking lot at the top of the Cape.

Park here and walk to the west edge of the parking lot, where you will see the markers for the Oregon Coast Trail.

Take the trail south approximately one-third of a mile, following the ridge along the top of the Cape for stellar views of the ocean. Maintenance on the trail is conducted by volunteers and may be overgrown in places. Persevere for great views.

After the trail has begun to descend the south side of the Cape,start watching for man-made erosion control barriers in the trail (they are still a ways down the trail.) These are essentially two boards, laid edgewise across the trail to divert run-off.

Go about 30 feet (10 steps) past the second set of two boards.

On your right (toward the ocean), you will see a tall tree and beside it down the trail, you will see the root ball of a fallen tree. Inside the root ball, you will find the Cape Sebastian Box, buried under some sticks.

This is a moderate hike mostly uphill on the way back. The views are amazing. It's well worth the effort to visit this amazing vista!

Please, take care to re-hide the box, as it has often been left in plain sight, to be found by hikers.

Happy Hunting!

* We visited this box on June 18, 2016. My children and I checked to make sure it's still ready to be found on your next letterbox adventure. We'd love to hear from you when you find it!