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Pluton LbNA #16003

Owner:bugeero Contact
Plant date:Jun 21, 2005
County:Fairbanks North Star
Found by: bugeero
Last found:Jun 21, 2005
Last edited:Jun 21, 2005
"Pluton" is hidden on the Granite Tors trail. The trailhead begins at the Granite Tors Campground 45 miles east of Fairbanks at the Chena River State Recreation Area on Chena Hot Springs Road. Taking the East trail, the box is 6 miles in. Taking the West trail, the box is 5 miles in, although a much more arduous hike.
"Pluton" is hidden on the westernmost tor on the main trail, approximately a tenth of a mile west of the 10 mile marker.
Look for an eye shaped hole on the North face of the tor about 16 feet above the base. The Letterbox is tucked in a crevice under moss on the small, jutting ledge directly below the eye. (You should be able to stand next to the ledge and reach over to the box without having to climb on the ledge).
Please replace in the exact spot and carefully cover with moss for the next letterboxer.