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Bridal Falls Series LbNA #15987

Owner:zara Contact
Plant date:Jun 21, 2005
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Lilac (2)
Last found: Aug 29, 2007
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 21, 2005
Bridal Falls is located 18 kilometers east of Chilliwack. Follow highway 1, the exit for the falls is well marked.
The trail is easy, and a loop. About 30 mins totally.

Once parked in the lot, make your way up to the "do not enter" sign at the top of the lot (red circle, with slash). Here walk into the woods and follow the sound of the babbling brook. You need to cross the brook and there is a convenient "bridge" for you to do so. Once across move downstream a wee bit and wander again into the woods. Head left and upward. You will have in your view a long, moss covered tree laying horizontal. A double Maple bears the weight and also shelters Black Beauty.

Hothead Fred
Back to the parking lot. To the right of the brown brick washrooms is a sign pointing the way to Bridal Falls, take that route, then " To Falls, 15 min" (It only took us 5).
Admire the falls, then cross over the wide stream below them to the far side. Two logs side by side will help you get there. Once there move downhill looking for a knobbly tree trunk. Below old knobbly there is a fallen giant that looks as if someone took a match to it, a perfect place for Hothead Fred to reside. Look near the high end;under.

The Watcher In The Woods
Now to head back down the mountain. Don't use the same path you came up, go down the rightside path, "Woodland Trail". When you come to the "To Parking" sign ignore it and carry on straight. A little way on you will see a large stump on your left with a lone fir growing out of it. Across the path from here is what looks like maybe a small trail heading into the bush. Go in there, mind the Devil's Club. See ahead another rather imposing stump. Beyond it, not far is a Maple house, home of The Watcher. Just a suggestion; if you take the box back to the trail, just a few steps down the path is a nice stump bench. Perfect to sit and stamp on. Thanks for visiting. :)