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San Diego Country Estates #3 LbNA #15675

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Jun 8, 2005
County:San Diego
Planted by:The Ramona Girls Contact Inactive
Found by: CVSuzie
Last found:Nov 6, 2020
Last edited:Nov 9, 2020
Planted by Ramona Girls, Adopted by Kelsung

Found on 10/16/20, first find in over 10 years. Thanks to CVSuzie for the replacement container.


Take Ramona Oaks Road to Abajo. Turn right onto Abajo. Take first left onto Pappas Road. Park at the intersection of Pappas Road and Rio Verde Drive. Park on Pappas just past (east of) Rio Verde Drive.

From that corner, walk east until you get to an equine trail marker (white pole with horse head) on the right. This should be between the house on the corner of Rio Verde/Pappas Road and the next house on Pappas Road which is up a ways. Take that trail to the right.

The trail heads South then after about 30 seconds of walking turns west and wanders through a little meadow. I've seen deer in here once. Continue through the meadow until you come back into tree cover. This should take about 5 minutes of easy walking. On the left you should see a large, downed, burned out oak tree from the Cedar Fire of October 2003. From the farthest end of the tree from the trail mark about 6 paces to a cluster of boulders. Find a boulder split twice vertically. The letterbox is in the second split (farthest from the downed tree).

This is about a 10 minute hike (one way).

Kids, dogs and horses are fine on this trail. Watch for poison oak and rattle snakes.