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First aid neededTrees Everywhere LbNA #15633

Owner:A-Bear (&J-Bear) Contact
Plant date:Jun 1, 2005
Found by: Guiding Hands
Last found:Apr 22, 2016
Last edited:Jun 1, 2005
Placed by A-Bear

Trail Difficulty: Easy clues and up a hill a short distance. 15 minutes roundtrip if that.

Directions: 4 miles west of Markleeville on Hot Springs Road you will reach Grover Hot Springs. Turn right and park in the parking area before the gate to enter the camping area if you don’t want to pay to enter. =-)

I placed this box for the E. Fork of the Carson River Gathering that Don & Gwen headed up for our fun on the river. We enjoyed finding several letterboxes and great time with friends learning to kayak. Coming from the Boise area where you would expect trees to be everywhere since Boise is known as the city of trees, yet it really is on high desert plain so trees are indeed lacking, I love to visit places where trees are indeed everywhere. =-)

Clues: Walk past the camping entrance gate to the ‘Hot Springs .3 miles’ trail sign on the left side of the road, just before the bridge. Walk up that trail along the creek. When you reach the big flat rock covering the trail with adjoined trees on the left of the trail, continue 8 paces. Stop here to see on the left side of the trail, the large pine tree with a small, eager tree trying to show his face to you peering around from the rear of that tree. After these 2 trees, turn left and head up the hill 17 steps off the trail. At the pine tree with a small boulder leaning against it you will find Trees Everywhere at its base between the tree and boulder.